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MAGNETIC TORCH Rebalancing of body and mind through pulsed magnetic action.
After some years of storage, this project has seen the light when, pushed by a call, I decided to make it accessible to everyone. The principle of magnetic torch is based on the magnetic pulsations described by Pier Luigi Ighina1 and by Alberto Tavanti2 in their works. The pulsations of light, produced by a particular electronic circuit, through a metallic powder, are amplified in their magnetic component, captured by the torch anode. The energy, so developed, is conveyed and catalyzed in the appropriate element of solar material in the heart of the parabola. Once the torch is switched on, the pulsation can be adjusted using a knob to make it pleasing to the eye. Subsequently, it is possible to use the parabola pointing it on the painful points, along the meridians or on the chakras. The action of the torch has the effect of magnetically balancing the subtle energy of the body, bringing relief to pain, increasing the vitality of the tissues and restoring the well-being of the whole organism. This apparatus should not be understood as a medical instrument, nor as a substitute for any medical therapy, since its range of action is expressed in the context of subtle energies. Bibliography 1) Magnetic atom – Pier Luigi Ighina 2) Symbol, Letters, The Unknown Prophet, Notes – Alberto Tavanti